• How to get more followers on Instagram

    It certainly helps if you are famous and able to take advantage of synergies with other social medias. But it’s not necessary. You can get many followers simply by posting good images and producing a great feed. Many successful Instagramers are rather anonymous outside Instagram.

    I presume it’s an advantage to get followers who are genuinely interested in whatever type of images or motives you post. Consequently, the first advice is to analyse and define your target market. Where are they geographically? What feeds do they like? What are the typical motives? What do the successful Instagramers do in (more…)

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  • Shooting long exposures with your smartphone

    Slow Shutter

    Slow Shutter

    Long exposure can create awesome effects, like light trails from cars, creamy water, night images, beautiful night skies and so on.

    There is a rich collection of apps for long expo for iPhone and Android. We looked at two, Long Expo and Slow Shutter. (more…)

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  • Do you need a light meter? Try an app for your mobile before you buy

    Photometer Pro is simple to use, looks like an antique light meter, but works fine. It measures both reflected and incoming light with your iPhone.

    For Android phones there is a similar app called Beecam, which also have (more…)

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  • 7 Smartphone Photography tips and tricks

    The guys at Cooph gives great tips. Here is some simple but inspiring stuff for better smartphone photography. Why not pay them a visit at

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  • Lenses for your iPhone and other smartphones

    Vidvinkelmakro 11

    A macro lens is a must-have if you like to shoot flowers and insects.

    There are quite a few add-on lenses for iPhone on the market. They often come in different combinations of fisheye, wide-angle, macro and telephoto. Most of them are crap. But still, it can be fun to have, especially wide angle and macro.

    Fisheye taken with an Olliclip.

    The wide-angle and fisheye lenses certainly don’t improve the quality of the images. Especially the fisheye lenses create images more bended, then with wider angle.

    But there are cases when wider angles are useful. For instance if (more…)

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  • The best HDR app for your iPhone and Android

    Pro HDR is easy to use and will considerably improve your images in most cases.

    Pro HDR 1

    Pro HDR is easy to use. When the image is taken, make some adjustments until you are satisfied.

    HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and methods of producing images that look more like you perceive the reality. A very common problem with photography is that the sky often is overexposed and the shadows to dark, only the area in between looks the way we see it in reality.

    Normally you camera or phone expose after a mix of the darker and the lighter parts of the motive.

    Real HDR usually means that you take (more…)

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  • Do you want to come closer with your iPhone 5?

    We have reviewed a telescope lens and a microscope lens for iPhone 5. Sceptically we unpacked the equipment. What could it be worth for that money?


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  • How to take better selfies

    Den färdiga bilden. Ett klassiskt självporträtt.

    The finished image, a classic portrait. Lots of blur on the wrinkles and light, soft images are often preferred to dark and hard ones.

    The image of YOU has never been more important than now. Today you get checked up on your favourite dating site, LinkedIn, Instagram and FaceBook before you actually meet new someone. Wouldn’t it be sad if people made wrong presumptions just because a lousy image? That is why the profile images on your Internet pages are extra important.

    First of all – your looks is NOT something you were born with. IT’S A CHOICE! There is very much you can do to appear good on photo, some of which we will go through below. As illustration we’ll use a hopeless example, namely me, so you can see for yourself that I’m telling the truth.

    Taking decent photos is a basic knowledge today, just like writing and simple calculations. Here is some advise for those of you that missed the selfie lesson in elementary school. (more…)

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