Welcome to Picsngear

Hans 042This site is produced by Skalinformation AB, which produces content for e-commerce sites. 

Picsngear is all about photography. Great images are more important than ever before. Everybody is a writer and photographer today thanks to the Internet and social media. At Picsngear we have a background in traditional media and a passion for photography. We want to elevate everyone to a professional level, or at least we’d like to give you some inspiration.

The range in our store consists of items, which we have tested and selected. We don’t sell articles that have failed to meet our subjective standard. So in a way, you can say we have made some friendly choices for you.

The products we sell in our shop are all things that we ourselves want and that we would happily recommend to our friends. You can read the reviews before you buy. Furthermore, we describe different ways to use the products we sell in our How-to’s. These are meant to inspire and to provide information to improve your photography.

Hopefully we can help you find the the most useful equipment for you. The product range will be expanded over time. We also plan to add a section for video. We are sincerely grateful for any form of feedback. And please feel free to contact us for any reason.