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  • How to get more followers on Instagram

    It certainly helps if you are famous and able to take advantage of synergies with other social medias. But it’s not necessary. You can get many followers simply by posting good images and producing a great feed. Many successful Instagramers are rather anonymous outside Instagram. I presume it’s an advantage to get followers who are genuinely interested in whatever type

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  • HDR street photography on freehand

    Can you create real HDR images on freehand? Yes of course. Especielly if you can set the camera at automatic bracketing. Then it will quickly take three images with different exposures, normally you will use +/- 2 f-stops. The image from the restaurant, the best cha siu restaurant in Hongkong, is taken on freehand. I used only two exposures and

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  • Frame your motive

    Sometimes you can use the environment to frame your motive. This is especially useful in street photography. Look for motives where a special part is lighter and place a person there or simply wait until something interesting happens right there. An other way is to position yourself so that buildings, columns arcades or similar.

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  • Streetphotography in ShenZhen

    Shenzhen is a enourmous city in the south of China with some 20 millions inhabitants. Today it’s the home of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. And yet, in 1979 it was nothing more than a small market town. There is not much old things to photograph here. But concrete and asphalt also have it’s charm.

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    To start photographing when arriving at a new location

    I am in Hong Kong for vacation and some work. It’s time to bring out that eye for images again, after resting the cameras for a while. Sometimes the best way is to warm up by starting to take images as you go. Photographing is seeing. The moments worth freezing are everywhere. The trick is to discover them. Hong Kong

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  • Keep your eyes on the eyes!

    It’s in our genes – eye contact! A portrait can look any way as long as the eyes are sharp. Eye contact is obviously something that catch people’s attention. It have often occurred to me how easy it is to be grabbed by eye contact, not only in the flow of social media, but also in reality. It’s a magic moment when

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  • Five P’s for better portraits

    There is not one single recipe for good portraits. If you are shooting an old man you may want to highlight wrinkles and details in the skin, while young women often are edited too look as beautiful and flawless as possible. But please feel free to break all conventions.

    We give you five P’s to consider in order to create better portraits.

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  • Cinemagraphs – How to create living images

    You have probably seen them – still images with movements within. Water flowing through a landscape, fountains, waterfalls, women’s hair moving in the wind, dogs and cats blinking and so on. They are called cinemagraphs. This is about what it is and how you can make them yourself.

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  • How to create a cinemagraph in Photoshop

    Mount you camera on a tripod and shoot video. The trick, to do a still image that is only partially moving, comes later in Photoshop. But it is important to plan the shoot in advance. Otherwise you risk winding up with worthless videos.

    The cinemagraph should have no beginning and no end. In the simplest of examples it may be a forever flowing waterfall or a fountain. All you have to do then is to take your camera with a tripod and shoot a few seconds of video. Watch out for obvious details that are floating on the water or any other things that may disturb the loop. A leave that only floats halfway through the image will ruin your cinemagraph.

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