The perfect flash

The perfect flash

Nice Foto Wireless Studio nFlash 680 A. There is no doubt that this this is our favourite gear when it comes to lighting.

Wireless flash 007

Easy to use with a clear display. Handy when working in a dark studio.

This flash is powerful, easy to carry (1.5 kg) and very versatile with the standard dish and the diffusor glass, included in the kit. It makes a compact source of light, which significantly reduces the risk of unwanted reflections, compared to an umbrella or softbox. It is also makes the strobe less sensitive to wind when used outdoors.

Those of you who need strobes for a home studio will appreciate the absence of electrical cords. Setting up and putting away the strobes is also much faster than with traditional studio strobes. The Wireless Studio nFlash is ideal those of you who want studio strobes to bring out on the field.

For both amateurs and professionals


This flash is perfect for outdoor use.

In our opinion these are perfect for enthusiastic amateurs with a reasonable budget and professionals that don’t spend full days in the studio and want versatile studio equipment that is easy to bring on field assignments.

The built in batteries will long and can quickly be changed. You can order extra batteries for longer work sessions if needed.

We haven’t counted, but the manufacturer says the flash will last for 500 flashes at full capacity. We are certain that is true. In most cases you can work with these flashes at least half a day.

It is not often you need the full capacity of this powerful flash, but it is a portable strobe so the power may come handy if you want to complement the sun on outdoor sets.

Choose between Bowens or Elinchrom mount

The built in battery can be changed.

The built in battery can be changed.

These strobes are available in two models, one for Bowens mount and one for Elinchrom mount. We prefer the Bowens mount, which we think is more robust and easier to fit. But if you already have Elinchrom accessories you may consider the nFlash E680 model. Most of the accessories we supply are with Bowen mount but we also provide adapters both Elinchrom to Bowens and vice versa.

The flash has a built in receiver for a 2.4G transmitter, which is also included in the kit together with aluminium case, standard dish with a diffusing screen and battery charger and electrical cord with European contact. And you charge the battery itself, which can be changed. Order an extra battery if you plan to use this flash all day.

Wireless flash handtag 008

The studio stand holder is design as a handle,

The flash also has a practical handle that also can be used as studio stand holder. It have a sprint in the bottom that you unscrew, put the plash on the stand and use the sprint to lock the handle to the stand. You can also attach the flash to an ordinary camera tripod, which is very useful if you plan to use it outdoor on a slope or wherever the ground is not levelled or if it’s windy.

The controls are easy to understand and it’s easy to adjust the flash. There is a built in modelling lamp with two settings – on and off.

We think this is a catch, since it’s available for just a little bit more than the top models of on camera flashes from the leading brands.

Wireless-flash-008-120x104You can buy it here.